Fine Cider Bundle + Free Kraft Werks Glass

Fine Cider Bundle + Free Kraft Werks Glass

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Description: We're so pleased to be stocking some of the very best Fine Cider currently produced in the UK. This bundle showcases all of these different varieties, from the proper Cider growing areas such as Herefordshire & Somerset. From dry to sweet, and with all the funky goodness in between, this bundle is perfect for any Cider lover. 

This bundle includes:

Ganley & Naish Browns Made from what is a juicing apple from Devon, it makes a great easy drinking ‘sessionable’ cider. Blended as a medium dry cider, with an acidic punch and low tannins. 5.5%

Stones Dabinett  A single variety medium sweet cider made exclusively with Dabinett apples, Britain’s most popular widespread cider variety, from a new orchard at Hornblotton in central Somerset. A refreshing drinkable cider. 5.5%

Stones 1/2 'n' 1/2 - This humble cider has won Best in Class, year after year at the British Cider Championships. 5.5%

West Milton Dorset Twilight Cider from a range of Dorset bittersweet apples, fermented slowly to give a dry crisp finish. 6.0%

Kentish Pip Dappler - A vivid and complex weave of wild and fresh apple. A contemporary dry cider with flecks of bright green and red apple bouncing off youthful tannins. Crafted from two wild fermentations marrying full fruit varieties. 5.5%

Luke's Cider Third Batch Made from a carefully selected blend of cider apples. Allowed to ferment slowly over winter and matured for more than a year. A delicious medium dry lightly sparkling cider. Big, punchy, a long finish with plenty of depth and just a little bit of oak to keep things interesting! 6.2%

Free Kraft Werks Glass! - Enjoy these Fine Cider's out of a Kraft Werks branded tulip glass

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