Fine Cider Bundle

Fine Cider Bundle

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Description: It's not just world-class beer we stock here at Kraft Werks. Take a look at our fantastic Fine Cider bundle. Here you'll find some of the best Fine Cider produced in the UK. If it's a different kind of juice & haze you're after, then this is the bundle for you!

All ciders are Vegan & Gluten Free

This bundle includes:  

Pilton TEN. - Made to celebrate Pilton's 10 years of cider-making! This very special blend started with a beautiful, clean bittersweet keeved cider from 2019, then a smooth low tannin 2018 Jonagold cider was blended in & layers of flavour from multiple barrel-aged batches were carefully added. The result is a complex, full-bodied, dry cider with gentle barrel character. 6.0%

Dunkertons Vintage Organic Cider Created to celebrate 30 years of Ivor & Susie’s spirit & vision. This is a special vintage cider hand crafted with up to 14 rare and carefully blended cider apple varieties harvested in the same year. The result is a uniquely distinctive cider with the classic Dunkertons deep flavour, full of fresh cider apples and a rich fruity aroma with a lightly sparkling dry finish. 7.5%

Wilces Medium Sweet Craft Cider - A bright and clear sparkling Herefordshire cider with a natural golden colour producing a balanced blend of authentic flavours. Wilce's cider has the know how of 6 generations of cider makers to create a fantastic drink. This is their medium sweet offering.

 Oliver's Gold Rush #9 - Barrel Aged - Classic Gold Rush blend with the barrel playing a strong role while the spicey, ripe apple notes and bracing Foxwhelp acidity give this cider a full rounded mouthfeel and make it a great drink. The #9 blend, again benefits from Ryan Burk's #ciderfood focus.

Blue Barrel Cider Smokin Barrels - Single malt whiskey casks really influence this charismatic blend giving it a distinct lingering caramel oak flavour. Using 100% local Nottingham apples from orchards in Upton and Clifton. Blended  with a selection of locally scrumped desert apples hand picked.

Oliver's Guilty Pleasures - This is the cider to drink at the end of the wine fair; the one for street food; to have sat in the fridge for a time most desired; because you're having a barbecue & just want to unwind. It's a humble but brilliant one for those times after the main event, when you just want to switch off.


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