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Style: Quad
ABV: 8%
Description: We have two new beers, which form a series we are calling "The Battle of Frogs and Mice”. These beers are a tribute to the truly pioneering Belgian Craft Brewers of the 1980s. Drawing inspiration from their neighbours, who were either monastic brewers or larger traditional family brewers, these quirky small brewers added their own creativity to the great Belgian beer tradition and in doing so created some of the most individualistic beers ever made.
The Battle of Frogs and Mice was written in the time of Homer, by an unknown author, and is a comic interpretation of the Greek Epic tale the Odyssey. To cut a long but funny story short, the King of the Frogs gives a ride to the King of the Mice, but accidentally drowns him. This leads to a war between Frogs and Mice, with various Greek Gods involved.
 In our hands, the Frogs have taken the side of a dark Special Brune, with quad-like characteristics but also some of the quirky rough edges, and creativity and unbridled enthusiasm of that era.  Its 8% abv, thick and fruity, with roasted malty undertones and brewed with a recreation of the water profile of West Flanders. Vegan Friendly
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