Garg’n'Go Pet Nat 2020

Garg’n'Go Pet Nat 2020

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Style: Natural Orange Wine
ABV: 11.0%
Description: ‘Bubbles amplify the perception of life’ is the slogan printed on the bottle, and we can sure see how they have come to this conclusion. The fine Pet-Nat carbonation found throughout this wine brings out the best in the Garganega grape. Crunchy green apple flavours are found with an intense minerality, alongside a hint of spice on the nose and palate. The vineyards on which these grapes are grown are as natural as they get, with an increased biodiversity due to the natural re-balancing of the soil. This is achieved by seeding cereals and leguminous plants (vetch, broad bean & clover) to increase the development of insect & microorganism populations. This creates a symbiotic ecosystem whereby these populations protect the wine grapes by keeping invasive pathogens at bay.
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