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Straight-Up Stout Bundle

Straight-Up Stout Bundle

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Description: There ain't no messin' around 'ere... These are five of the best straight up, roasty & bitter Stouts we've got, and there isn't an adjunct in sight! Feel like you've been left behind when the Pastry Train left the station? We've got you covered. 

This bundle includes:

Marble Stout: Roasty and robust. It is deep, dark and rich, with layers of malty complexity to be unraveled with each sip. 5.7% Vegan Friendly

Lost Industry Brewing - Midnight Cowboy:  Sheffield's Lost Industry are back with their brand new molasses infused Stout. This smooth and creamy stout had a great sweet edge thanks to the sticky dark molasses added. 6.2% Vegan Friendly

Abbeydale Brewery - Methuselah: Just occasionally, Abbeydale like to barrel age something special and unique. These are released under their Methuselah banner, and often in very small batches. Keep a look out for these rare treats, they don't tend to last for long. This is an absolute powerhouse of a brew! Lovingly and carefully crafted and released in celebration of Abbeydale's 25th anniversary. Chocolate, oats and biscuit malts are layered up with sumptuous molasses for a deep, dark and delicious Imperial Stout, which has spent nine months in barrel to enhance and round out the complexities found within this very special beer. 9.7% Gluten Free

Holy Goat Brewing - Export Stout 1897: This recipe was inspired by the stouts of yore, strong, dark and well hopped with all British ingredients. -In the late 1800’s these strong, well hopped stouts were brewed for export by Scottish breweries such as William Younger & Co. Using a base of pale, brown and black malts Holy Goat have produced their own version. 7.5% Vegan Friendly

Villages - Pluto: A straight-up stout. It’s a delightful little dark beer to have in orbit whilst the days are short, and the nights are long. We use a v complex grist in this one to bring out some lovely chocolate, dark fruit, and roasty flavours. 4% Vegan Friendly

Torrside Brewing - Perseverance: Part of the monsters series - a strong brown ale loosely based on an historical recipe from 1917. A hefty 30% brown malt in the grain bill. We loved the brown ale Bricks and Mortar, so can’t wait to try this stronger 10% version. Where a brown ale meets a stout! Vegan Friendly


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